Plantronics USB Headsets

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Today’s applications, such as games, movies and music players, all pay a significant amount of attention to their audio aspects, using these aspects to guide, prompt and entertain users. This has made the audio quality of headsets a top priority for all PC users. Did you know that the sound quality of your system directly depends on your sound card? So, with a bad sound card installed, you can buy the best and most expensive headset and still be left with mediocre sound quality. USB headsets are the solution to these problems.

A decent sound card costs a small fortune and after buying one, you will still be looking for a good headset. Now consider a USB headset. It comes with an inbuilt sound card, using which it guarantees the best audio output from your system. Plantronics is a leading developer of such high quality USB headsets. This manufacturer knows what the customer’s expectations are and works hard to meet them.
Features of the Plantronics USB Headsets

Several game developers now use surround sound mechanisms to offer an immersive gaming experience to their gamers. So, gamers now require headsets that can tell them the direction from which the enemy is coming. Such surround sound features are hard to integrate in a headset if the system’s sound card is weak. Almost all USB headsets have Surround Sound Capabilities. Some of their distinguishing features are:

1.2.1/ 5.1/ 7.1 channels: With a USB headset, you get the option of experiencing high end surround sound. Irrespective of the sound card, you can expect to get a truly cinematic experience out of your 7.1 channel USB headset. These headsets are much cheaper than the 7.1 sound card and subsequent headset pairs.

2.Digital signal processing (DSP) and audio equalizing software: This software is preloaded on the USB headset chips and provides a gaming or music experience that is exactly like the way the developers intended it.

3.Echo suppression: Since such headsets often consist of several sound channels, it is possible to hear an echo effect. To counter this, the headsets have a mechanism that works purely to remove or suppress such echoes.

4.VoIP: USB headsets can be used to integrate with services like Skype to make internet based calls.

Plantronics USB Headsets: Immersive Gaming, Effective Office and Rich Cinematic Experiences

The concept behind all Plantronics USB headsets is to ensure that the sound remains in analog form only where needed, between the user and the headset module. Everywhere else, it travels in digital form; protecting it from distortion of any form. Let us take an example of the Plantronics DSP 500. As the name suggests, this headset uses DSP for its sound processing. It comes with a 40mm speaker with 20Hz 20KHz frequency response. Speakers provide extremely high quality dynamic bass response, with no crackling and perfect treble even at the highest volume. It has 16-bit mono audio with 25dB noise rejection feature for background noise filter and frequency response of 100Hz-10Khz. Voice recording is ideal for conference calls or speech recognition. All Plantronics products aim to meet these standards and some even surpass them.

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